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Latest: The Problem is not Communication — it’s Regulation

Listen as I discuss how poor communication is really about deregulation. Catch yourself dysregulated and wait and your system will return to calm. Just like when we are hungry we eat and then are system returns to a neutral state of not being hungry. Guess what? 9 out of 10 couples entering therapy say the same thing to their new therapist: “We can’t communicate — help us!” . Listen Now >


Understanding Your Survival Surveillance System

Acting as a “survival surveillance system,” the nervous system receives and assesses cues from the world around us to detect possible danger. Another function of our nervous system is to inhibit our survival instincts so that we can connect. After all: humans are social, and connecting with each other is part of our survival too! This place of safety, the social engagement system, also allows us to create an organized response to unexpected situations. Listen Now >


Understanding Your Attachment Style

As we develop in the womb, our every need is immediately met. After we’re born, however, we depend on a caretaker to both read and to meet our needs. In other words: we need to attach to another human to survive! Listen Now >


The Nature of Emotion

Think of your emotions as falling somewhere on a line. At one end of the line, you have the most positive feelings: extreme joy, or intense love. Meanwhile, at the other end of that line, you have the negative emotions: grief and despair. Listen Now >


Saying No Can Be Hard.

Saying no just feels wrong sometimes, doesn’t it? You might even start to hear the theme music from Jaws in your head if you even think about saying no to someone you love! A part of us believes that something terrible will happen if we say no. Listen Now >


Real Growth Happens Slowly

Young or old, male or female, we have all lived through periods of discomfort. If you’re like me, even the word might make you cringe! The feeling often comes from change, loss, or other disruption to our comfort zone. So, what is productive discomfort? Shouldn’t we avoid that feeling as much as possible? Listen Now >


Give Your Resilient Parts Some On the Job Training.

Stress and anxiety are unavoidable – that’s why we have resilient parts to help us survive stressful life situations. But sometimes those parts get overwhelmed, and you may feel stuck. Are you ready to give your resilient parts some on the job training? Listen Now >


Don’t Just Cultivate Your Kids. Let Them Grow.

Fifty years ago if young Timmy joined Little League, it would be his responsibility to find a way to get to practice and to talk to the coach if he felt the coach wasn’t letting him play in the game enough. Now, Timmy waits for his parents to arrange for his transportation to practice. His parents will also speak to the coach about Timmy not getting to play enough. What’s the risk? Listen Now >


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